Grief Support

Grief is a normal response to loss. We help you learn how to cope while still remembering your loved one.

Grief Support Services

At SpiriTrust Lutheran® Home Care & Hospice, we have over 65 years of experience helping families work through grief and loss. We offer individual sessions with a bereavement coordinator, general and specialized support groups, and workshops on a range of topics. Each client receives support designed to meet his or her unique needs.

Bereavement Programs

Depending on the location, we host a variety of healing programs, such as:

  • Widow to Widow lunches
  • Memory Bears
  • Prayer Shawls
  • “Hope through Healing” series
  • Semi-Annual Life Memorial Services
  • Holiday Grief Workshops
  • Mother’s Day Tea Legacy Luncheon

Each of our bereavement and grief support programs are available at no cost and are open to anyone in the community who has experienced a loss.

Connect with Us

Connect with Us

Learn about the benefits of home-based care or schedule an in-home consultation. Call or send us a message online to connect with an Admission Care representative.

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** If you are a current client, please call the phone number on your magnet, or call 717-264-3059.

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