Holistic Remedies for Winter Arthritis Pain

Winter can be a painful time of year for seniors who live in northern climates and have arthritis pain. Colder temperatures and changes in the barometric pressure have been proven to have an impact on joints.  In research conducted at Tufts University, scientists were able to show that for every ten degrees the temperature fell, arthritis pain increased significantly.

Natural Arthritis Remedies

If you or a senior you love is suffering from arthritis pain this winter, one or more of these holistic treatments may offer relief:

  1. Alternating Hot and Cold Packs. Some seniors use heating pads to help relieve arthritis pain. What might help is to alternate the heat with cold packs. While the heat is good for helping decrease the inflammation arthritis can cause on joints, the cold packs can offer relief from pain. Alternating between the two may be the optimum solution.
  2. Smart Food Choices. Diet can play a significant role in controlling swelling and inflammation in the body. There are foods known to help and also foods known to make things worse. Some of the best foods to work into your diet include ginger, cherries and cherry juice, walnuts, kale and raisins. People living with arthritis should avoid pastries, pastas, bread, soda and foods with a high sugar content.
  3. Water Therapy. Many arthritis sufferers find relief from participating in water aerobics and water therapy programs. Exercising in a heated pool offers relief from pain while also giving joints a range of motion workout.
  4. No Impact Exercise. No-impact exercise programs can also help improve arthritis symptoms and decrease pain. Chair yoga and Tai Chi are both joint-friendly forms of exercise for older adults to consider.
  5. Hand Dexterity. Many older adults find arthritis pain to be the worst in their hands and fingers. The key to relieving pain in these joints is to focus on improving or maintaining hand and finger dexterity. Hobbies such as knitting, writing, painting, sewing and playing cards can all help because they give hands and fingers a workout.

Arthritis Pain Resources

For more information on the do’s and don’ts of managing arthritis pain, visit these resources.

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